Winners of Gold & Silver Telly Awards for their last two music video/singles, October Project features extraordinary images from the James Webb and Hubble Space Telescopes intercut with stunning CGI in the music video for “Lost,” the next single from The Ghost of Childhood. The audio single hits all major streaming services on Friday, July 21st, with a YouTube music video premiere and Zoom event on July 23 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST.

In a fantastic trip through the universe over lyrics and spoken word that reflect upon our place in it, October Project explores the potential of music and visuals to elicit an altered state of consciousness/ Strings and slashes of saxophone hover over an axis of female harmony helmed by Belica and Flanders, as a rhythm section powers us through to an extended instrumental where composer/producer Adler’s innovative shifts in time signature work to free us from the chains of Monkey Brain. Flanders then repeats and layers spoken word inspired by the Prayer of St. Francis underlaid by piano from Adler in a mesmerizing and groundbreaking coda.

In synch with the emphasis of such industry leaders as Peter Gabriel (whose studio is behind the publication of Reverberation: Do Everything Better with Music) and Renée Fleming (artistic adviser for the NIH’s Sound Health Network) on the healing and transformative power of music, October Project’s groundbreaking work in “Lost” follows upon the group’s Book of Rounds (2016, 2021), a song cycle centered on a new brand of ‘conscious’ rounds conceived of by Flanders & Adler.

Written to invoke a feeling of well-being in singers and listeners alike, The Book of Rounds features positive messages set over the repetitive, cyclical song structure of a musical round, like modern mantras. The Book of Rounds: Choral Edition, recorded with Chorus Austin, (Ryan Heller, Artistic Director), was on the Grammy Ballot for Best Choral Performance in 2021.

“Over the years we’ve had listeners express the power of our music in their lives, especially in times of transition and hardship. The notion of music being a healing force is always there for us,” says Flanders.

Adds Belica, “Music and visuals together can be especially transformative. The images from the James Webb Space Telescope take us out of the ordinary and remind us that we are NOT alone, but a PART of the incredible beauty and mystery that surrounds us.”

“Lost” is the third in a series of singles October Project is releasing from The Ghost of Childhood, with the full album slated for release this fall.


The James Webb Space Telescope is operated by the Space Telescope Science Institute which has a team of scientists, science visuals developers, educators, and other communication specialists who work together to choose and process Webb images. This process takes time and is not done for every single Webb observation.

Data and observations captured with Webb are in the public domain and anyone who is interested can create and publish their own processed images.

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October Project

Words & Music by Julie Flanders & Emil Adler

Produced by Emil Adler & Julian Coryell

Lead Vocals - Marina Belica

Co-Vocals and Spoken Word - Julie Flanders

Piano, keyboards and vocals - Emil Adler

Guitars - bass and electric - Julian Coryell

Drums - Mark Schulman

Saxophone - Jim Wheeler

The Ghost String Quartet

String & Brass Arrangements - Emil Adler & Julian Coryell

Recording Engineer (Basic Tracks) - Erich Gobel, West Triad Studios

Recording Engineer (Vocals) - Emil Adler, Tritone Productions

Mixed by Erich Gobel

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen

Images from the James Webb Telescope provided by NASA and The Space Telescope Science Institute

Art Design - Mick Wieland Design

Cover Image - Ali Cavanaugh

October Project

Marina Belica • Julie Flanders • Emil Adler

P.O. Box 2223, New Preston, CT 06777