“I am so enthralled by October Project's “Rage of Days.” Julie Flanders & Emil Adler’s music reaches in and touches my soul. It’s so rare for me to hear something the first time that instantly becomes part of the soundtrack of my life. The more I listen, the more October Project's music impacts me.”
—Louie B Free,  Radio Host ‘Brainfood From the Heartland’

Opening with the mournful, heavy sigh of a saxophone that leads us from darkness to an anthemic chorus of hope, "Rage of Days" speaks to the challenges of life today while holding firm to a dream of the future as a better place.

The track is co-produced by Emil Adler with Julian Coryell, whose credits include touring, writing and recording with Alanis Morissette, Demi Lovato, Leonard Cohen and Blood Sweat and Tears. Along with Adler on keyboards and Coryell on guitars, the track features Mark Schulman on drums (Pink), a saxophone solo by Jim Wheeler, who toured with Loggins & Messina, and vocals helmed by Marina Belica on lead in close harmony with Julie Flanders.  

Released on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, the song features lush string arrangements, beautiful harmonies and haunting lyrics by Julie Flanders.

Rage of Days

October Project
Rage of Days

Words & Music by Julie Flanders & Emil Adler

Produced by Emil Adler & Julian Coryell

Lead Vocals - Marina Belica

Co-Vocals and Spoken Word - Julie Flanders

Piano, keyboards and vocals - Emil Adler

Guitars - bass and electric - Julian Coryell

Drums - Mark Schulman

Saxophone - Jim Wheeler

The Ghost String Quartet

Brass Arrangements - Emil Adler & Julian Coryell

Recording Engineer (Basic Tracks) - Erich Gobel, West Triad Studios

Recording Engineer (Vocals) - Emil Adler, Tritone Productions

Mixed by Erich Gobel

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen

Kaleidoscopic Images by Charles Hawkings

Art Design - Mick Wieland Design

Cover Image - Ali Cavanaugh

October Project

Marina Belica • Julie Flanders • Emil Adler



P.O. Box 2223, New Preston, CT 06777